Sunday, October 3, 2010

Family Planning

I just got back from a brief outing with family members. We were planning some stuff. Hence, family planning.

All families are fucked up. Dysfunctional. Nothing special there. My family is no different. However, we do follow our own brand of logic. Most of us value our privacy, and I can't talk about our plans or whatever.

It's just that I must say that I observe my relationship with them gets better over the years. I've let go of a lot of my angst, and I don't allow them to even attempt to control me. Not anymore.

We're all very stubborn people. Extremely stubborn. Maybe that's why it's hard to kill any one of us. We have resilient genes. And we're proud as well as egotistical enough to go for things we are weakest in.

My weakness was in writing, so I became a writer. One relative found chemical calculations to be very challenging, so the person went and took on a chemical engineering course.

I was intrigued with the paranormal, so I went last Raya to seek out ghosts in the family. I couldn't find any, which to me is proof that our family does not keep ghosts.

At the end of it all, we will conquer all our fears and acquire skill sets we do not have. One day, we shall produce The Ultimates.

Before that, there is me, The Penultimate. And so handsome. Hahahaha!