Sunday, October 3, 2010

The H-Bomb

I find that in business, and in daily life, humility is important. Not faux humility, which is stupid, but the real thing.

Humility is not about kow-towing to people. It is not about creating 'levels' and putting yourself 'lower' than some people.

That's subscribing to the ego. Feeding the ego. And I find it extremely condescending for people to think that myself or others would fall for such simple manipulation. I mean, you think we're THAT stupid?

Well, at least that's what I think.

To me, humility is simply telling The Truth and respecting people. You are humble enough to see that people will not fall for your pathetic bullshit, and you don't try to ram it down their throats.

Whenever I go for business meetings, I do not expect to razzle dazzle people with shit. If they were to be razzled or dazzled, it would be through logic and common sense. It's a bit harder, but there in the effort, lies the respect to another's intelligence.

Some people only see faux humility, and they use it to manipulate other people. This is ultimate arrogance. Which is fine. Go ahead. I mean, makes my job so much easier when there are so many assholes out there.

Respect for people comes in many different ways. For example, I am friends with many people whose outlook and views I don't agree with. I know lots of racists from many sides. I don't hold it against them. Go ahead and be racist lah. I don't agree with you, but that doesn't mean I'm going to kill you or sneak in one night into your home and stab you in the dark.

I am friends with people who believe that everyone should be forced to believe in this or that. I don't believe that, but hey, man, the very freedom I believe in also protects and allows, even accepts views and actions opposite to mine.

Problems only arise when insecure people who NEED approval from everyone in order to live, start defending their beliefs. Or people who believe everyone is like them - petty, shallow and boring.

Oh well. Back to humility. Yes. Good stuff. Respect people enough to tell them The Truth. And allow them to be. Except for Koreans.