Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tales from the Drunk Side: Anarchy in the Poo-kay

I was about to write something extremely intellectual about the meaning of life and understanding the Malaysian political situation that would require several references to dictionaries, the thesaurus and wikipedia, when I farted.

Gone, with the wind, was my desire to make sublime points using comics and John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes as a reference point.

I enjoyed the fart, really. It was one of those affairs when it is pure hot air. No solids or liquids. Just air.

If I had a thermal-imaging or infra-red camera, I could have captured a video of the fart leaving my ass.

It would have been something like this:

Alas, reason deserted me and I am left writing about infra-red farts.

Oh well. I would rather live a life misspent on fragile things, rather than be an intellectual and continuously jump through hoops to please an invisible audience.

There. That last one was a modification of a Neil Gaiman quote.