Saturday, August 15, 2009

Intermission: Back to Kuantan

After the lingerie launch, I went to La Bodega for a light supper.

Suddenly, a friend jumped out of the shadows.

Friend: What are you doing?

Me: Improving my night vision(see The Beach - ed).

F: Not paté again!

What can I do? Chili's have turned snooty and doesn't want my money. First, they came up with all sorts of rules and regulations. For one, all parties have to be there for you to get a table.

Meaning, if you're hosting a dinner of six or four, you need to all be there before they give you a table. Therefore, it is the last place I want to go to, if I want to meet someone.

And then, the staff just snubbed me and my party. So, what used to be favourite restaurant is now very low on my list. Shame. Loved their big mouth burgers and free-flow of drinks.

So, I have had paté for three days straight now. I don't like foie gras. Just chicken liver paté.

Cheepork doesn't like it cause he said it tastes like cat food.

I live in Bangsar now, but have yet to step foot into Delicious in months. Love their seafood linguine, and they have Pinot Noir.

Shopped a bit at Cold Storage. Am going to Kuantan tomorrow. My father needs to have a procedure done. They're going to shoot him with lasers.

Doctor: Ion CANNON!

Father: Optic blast! Optic blast!

Me: Berserker barrage! Berserker barrage!

Bought some almonds and some herbs. Also enough ingredients to make mushroom and tomato pasta. He can't eat any of the white stuff.

Last time, we did fusilli. Now, it's something else.

Have loads to do, later. For now, am chilling out. Be back with more anarchy in the pookey.