Friday, August 14, 2009

Lord Fanny

I don't get it.

Why does everyone drink Coke?

I mean, it's a black-coloured drink with too much sugar and artificial colouring. With carbon dioxide pumped in. And even with no sugar, it's full of aspartane, which some claim to have caused alzheimers and mental disorders.

All those claims have yet to be proven, properly. Might be true. Might not be true. But what gives, man?

You all drink Coke. I do too. It's not the best-tasting drink in the world. I drink it, though.

Why do we listen to pop music?

I have always believed that the phenomena of popular culture is a sign that humans are moving, perhaps evolving towards a hive-mind construct.

We buy more or less the same things. We listen and like to be part of a large group that watches the same thing on television. We group together and support more or less the same football teams. In the same league.

I'm a Mac. I'm a Big Mac. I'm a Whopper. Same shit. Different manufacturers.

It all started when eating the same things for centuries meant that the early human tribes don't die from poisoning. Now, with all these choices available to us, we still want to go for the same things.

The same, uniform, Swedish meatballs and the same, mass-produced rubber-wood furniture.

I find the notion of a hive-mind and humans as automatons a fascinating construct. Even have a half-finished short story about a girl who hasn't slept for three years lest the human hive-mind takes over on her dreams lying around in my hard drive.

I wonder. I really do.

We buy the same cars, whether they work or not. Eat the same shit. Watch the same shit. Work in similar cubes. Doing similar things.

And most of us WANT to. They compare their tiny little 'achievements' on those who came before or is coming.

That guy got $XXX in his bank account when he was 30. I have $XX in my bank account, so I need $X within a year or less to be on the same path.

There are many paths, foo! A trillion, billion different existences, and instances, and we choose to have what the other guy is having.

We are all living each other's lives. There is only one life, and one day it will all end.

Oh well.

Ending trippiness. Work, and then sleep.