Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sleep of the Just

I am still reeling from the effects of self-induced sleep-deprivation. So, am not doing anything tonight other than watch stupid movies and listen to boybands. Like Queen.

Despite the new haircut, my brain still feels like it's been wrapped in a towel. A good 12 hour sleep or a good fucking can refill my energy bars.

I started talking to myself in the office, and quite possibly creeped out a few people, before finding myself waiting for a cab. There was a girl, in a white blouse and tight black stretch pants, waiting for the cab. She wa sthere before me. Since I am a very civilised person, I allowed her hail the first cab.

Unfortunately, no cab came.

I called up one of the taxi services, and they told me they will send a cab in 15 minutes.

So, I asked the girl.

Me: Where are you going?

Girl: Amcorp Mall.

Me: Want to call a cab?

Being a cab-veteran for 11 years in KL, I have accumulated quite a few numbers. So I did. But there were no cabs for her. Probably not until they have finished eating.

Me: You're from the Philippines?

Girl: No. Thailand.

Ahhh! Kinswoman! Apparently she works in the IT industry and have been here for two years.

Me: I love Thailand!

And so we sang and danced for a while, and then I left, with my cab.

That just made my day.