Saturday, August 1, 2009

Elizabeth Wong, Selangor Tourism and Robocop

Recently, I had the opportunity to go on a trip sponsored by Tourism Selangor to promote, well, Selangor Tourism.

I never knew that Selangor - the so-called 'most-developed state' by a previous top dude - held so much culture and heritage and natural wonders. Blablabla. Go read a fucking brochure.

What I want to comment is the fact that Tourism Selangor never stepped up its efforts in promoting their shit - at least not to me - until Elizabeth Wong was made Tourism exco and appointed some really good and enthusiastic tourism people to take care of the tourism industry in Selangor - some of whom I met.

I must say, this is good. The other state Tourism authorities should emulate this. In fact, all the agencies - be them under the umbrella of BN, PR, God or Satan or Azazel or Lucifer Morningstar - should try and step up their game.

I'm sure Elizabeth Wong and her Willy Wonkas are not the only people kicking ass and taking names in this country.

If you still believe that making this country better for all is a two-sided affair, and that you are on the other side, you better take note that the 'other side' has fired a damn good salvo. The ball's in YOUR court. The fuck you gonna do about it?

What I hate about this country has always been people trying to outsmear each other. Why can't we outdo each other instead?

I mean, I don't hear Tourism Pahang giving me a call. I don't hear JPJ having open days for the public. I don't see any MoH people on the ground, doing some public service announcements.

I'm sure they DO. But you don't know about it.

For example, it took me three trips of being warded in hospitals, and several friends and family members getting sick and admitted to find out that Malaysian medical care is almost free, if you can stand the pain and the wait. Still, it's a lot better than say, oh, I don't know, the United States of America?

I am guessing, and assuming, but I think that agencies all over Malaysia believe that publicity and the limelight is bad for them and for their skin. Cause they would have to actually do real work. Is this the case?

If you have done your work, then fuck all, man. Be proud that you have. Nobody's perfect, but at least there is effort. In Islam, chewah!, there is a thing called 'amanah' or trust. You are given the trust to do something, and you do it.

Serve the public trust.

Uphold the law.

Protect the innocent.

Never attack an OCD executive.

Those were Robocop's four prime directives.

I have always believed that countries should be run in full cooperation and full participation of the people. The first step in that is to have information readily available to the public. And then have information and ideas travelling the other way as well.

Cause what's better than one good idea? 26 million good ideas.

Oh well. One can always dream. One can always dream.