Saturday, August 1, 2009

Minyak DAP

Is Syed Akbar Ali saying that DAP is a chauvinist party?


Oh. My. God.

And here I was thinking they are the truth, the light, the justice and the Sing - oops - Malaysian way.

The eaters of Secret recipe-turned-dog food.

I'm sorry, Syed Akbar Ali, but I am coming to DAP's defence! Yeah! DAP has done a lot for me!

For example:

They sued bloggers and...sued newspapers and...sued caught for RM10,000.

Yes, apparently I heard that some guy in DAP got caught for RM10,000? Is this true? Well, even if it is, it is STILL better than some past BN politicians who did the country in for millions, perhaps? Though never proven clearly, all of this.

It's like this.

Guy A rapes Malaysia in the ass. Guy B was only raping the country's face for a blowjob. Therefore, Guy B is definitely the better person, yes?

Oh my, I hope they don't sue me for this.