Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Five Things You Should Never Say to Me...

...if you value your time. And since time is money, if you value your money as well.

Some people have made the mistake of mentioning a few odd sentences that got me started on tangential, crazy, one-sided discussions that would last hours, if it went unchecked.

1. "I say, old chap, comics are NOT a literary medium."

2. "That Watchmen movie was good. And so was From Hell, Constantine, League of Extraordinary Gentleman and especially V for Vendetta."

3. "Islam as is practised by Malaysians today, is not the TRUE Islam."

4. "I have a bad leg. Do you think I have H1N1?"

5. "We have never had good local songs, singers and good local movies since P Ramlee."

Your job is not to mention any of these things to me, and my duty is to put both hands on my ears and say, "Lalalalalalala," just to ensure I don't get caught up explaining these subjects at length.