Saturday, August 8, 2009

Intermission: Insane in the Membrane

Am now taking two types of painkillers. It leaves my brain a mess. But I can still write. After some sleep, I'll be all right.

Someone I trust dropped some white fungus dessert thing. The Chinese call it tong sui. It's supposedly better than bird's nest.

The painkillers took most of the pain away, but it also left me nauseous. I couldn't di anything other than sleep. The white fungus gave me a boost and I'm feeling fine again. Asked for anti-nausea pills, but my friend refused to supply me with any as it could tamper with the effects of the antibiotics and painkillers.

Also had a bottle of lemon tea. Sour, savory stuff combats nausea, as all expectant mothers would know.

Oh well. I'll be as right as rain tomorrow. Just need some rest, and let my body take care of itself.