Friday, August 14, 2009


I am here in Starbucks Bangsar. The meeting I am having is not yet finished. Am discussing stuff with a director. I like this one.

Been reading The Invisibles, by Grant Morrison. I like his take on the superhero genre. Not earth-shakingly reconstructing like Alan Moore, not intellectual like Warren Ellis, not literary enough like Neil Gaiman. Not ass-kicking blockbuster wide-screen comics like Mark Millar. Not Tarantino-esque like Brian Michael Bendis. Or perhaps Quentin Tarantino is Bendis-esque.

Grant Morrison, is a true anarchist. He has one of the most powerful beings in the comics series as a transvestite from Brazil - Lord Fanny. He has his author-representative as King Mob. And another part of him as Ragged Robin. And Buddha is a thief from Liverpool.

It's psychedelic and disjointed and very hard to follow. When I use the term 'multiple-layers' in a review, none of those works can actually match Morrison's trippy, near-stream-of-consciousness jaunt into reality, conspiracy and general ass-kicking like Morrison can.

I can only hope that one day, they'll let me out of the cage and allow me to do something like this.

The things I'm heading towards, meanwhile, if it unfolds the way I want to, will be the ultimate anarchist wet-dream. Imagine a world in which everyone plays a game. And that game, is real. Everything you do, affects the real world around you. Not just your desktop wallpaper. I'm talking total control. In the hands of King Mobs and Lord Fannys and Jack Frosts and Ragged Robins and Boys out there.

The Jolly Rogers and Jim Crows and Papa Ghuedes.

We shall see.

For now, coffee.