Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rugged Ronnie Liu

I don't care what you say. I applaud, laud, and support Ronnie Liu's move to increase massage parlours in Selangor.

See, massage parlours will decrease stress and will undoubtedly boost tourism and commerce. Just look at Thailand. The fact that there is basically a massage parlour in Bangkok at every 400 metres is fantastic!

The fuck are you guys complaining about? And now, instead of being bohsias and mat rempits and GROs at some seedy pubs somewhere, the young people can now be massesuses, err...masseese, massage people.

Furthermore, his statement that beer is not 'minuman keras', that's true! Beer is not liquor. I am sure Ronnie Liu and his peers at DAP has carefully considered this and consulted their colleagues at PIS-M.

Maybe you will hear it from Nik Aziz soon enough.

"Biya ni buke minume kerah!" ghoyak Tok Guru. "Kala Jaidi, meme minume kerah hok tu. Saing waing, Gleng fidih, Belih, Civah Ghega, vodka, tequila deh. Biya saje takdok gapo. Hembuh tok naik mita."

Who knows? There could be a fatwa soon.

Beer, stout, tapai, tuak all halal.

One can dream. One can only dream...

So, Ronnie Liu definitely has my vote in the next elections. Pity I'm a Kuantanese.