Thursday, August 6, 2009


Happiness doesn't come from being right.

It doesn't come from other people. They can't make you happy, as much as places do not make you happy. Or sad.

People, and places, are just as they are. It just is.

Happyness doesn't come from a glass of black drink, with the foam running down.

Happyness, comes from your own bullshit.

You create your own happyness. It's always been you. All of it you.

Our existence, deforms the universe.

We assert our Absolut Terror fields, our magnetic fields, and we are happy or sad within our own universe.

Happyness, it's a choice. If it works for you to be happy, you are happy. If it works for you to claim to be a victim of circumstance, and of circumcision, then so be it.

We have so much control over ourselves, so much power, that it scares some people.

In the end, we all have a choice. I made mine many years ago. What's yours?