Friday, August 14, 2009

Ragged Robin

Caste and any sort of division of class, was instituted by insecure people who need to maintain their place in society which they perceive to be advantageous.

These people constantly put other people down for fear that one day they will achieve their 'level'.

Oh, their precious 'level'. I haven't the heart to tell them that their 'level' is worth as much as the hairs on my ass.

That, given a long enough timeline, everyone is manure.

Time is the great ekualiser. Fuck! My 'kew' key is still busted on this Blackberry.

Anyway, yes, with enough time, everything is just shit.

Even this paté I'm having in Bangsar. Tomorrow, it will be shit. Just a smear on my ass crack, which I will carefully wipe and wash away.

Each of us will be eaten by bacteria and bugs. And we will all be bugshit. And bacteria shit.

That loving, caring look from your partner? Bugshit.

The dick or vagina or vagidick or dickina you like to lick and/or suck? Bugshit.

All of it.

All your money and your car(s) and your house(s).

Everything is evolving. Everything is falling apart.

So what do we have, in the end? We have this moment. This slice in time.

We have a lifetime. And that's all we really have, truthfully.

We have time.

Enjoy it while you can.