Tuesday, August 25, 2009

At the Mountains of Madness: 120 Days of Gomorrah

Today, somebody commented on the image I project. Or rather, images I project.

For a person with an ego as big as mine, one image projection, one persona, is never enough. My ego needs more. Because my ego needs to feel special. Special, just like everyone else.

There is no such thing as a real person. Everyone is just a mashed up jumble of perceptions. Viewpoints and opinions. External, internal. What makes the ego, the ego, is just what people think of it.

Quantum physics, foo! Pop psychology. Psycho-history.

"Just be yourself."

What a stupid suggestion. Yourself, according to whom? Which place? What time? Through what lens? What format?

Okay, then.

I am become Galactus. The Devourer of Worlds. My balls are as big as Jupiter. My asshole is a blackhole turned inside out. My dick, a thousand planets strung together.

The nature of the ego is that it needs to be defined as separate from everything else. The ego needs enemies. And it either needs to vanquish its enemies, or become their victims.

Whatever it is, the ego needs to state a case for the existence of 'the others'.

This, my friends, is the root of all evil. All of it. Racism, bigotry, selfish bullshit, war, hatred, arrogance, being right, making wrong, envy, sabotage. All of it.

All stems from a root need of being different.

Human civilisation was founded on the drive for competition. And for a while, it was good. And yet, the water that floats a ship can also sink it, goes a Chinese proverb.

There are no competitions. Nobody wins. Nobody loses.

I believe that we should all bomb ourselves back to the stone age and start over. Just save the porn. Mankind cannot survive without porn.

I pray for a nuclear war.