Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Money from Anarchy

I'm telling you, man.

The only solution to all these demonstrations is to turn it all into a promotional parade shit thing.
Imagine 10,000 marchers with 'Hapuskan ISA' headbands, walking in rows of four, waving mini Malaysian flags.

Followed closely by FRU water cannon trucks decorated as floats.

There need not be voilence. Violence doesn't solve anything. A LOT of violence solves everything.

Pity the traders and shopkeepers at Jalan Masjid India and other places affected by the demonstrations. I do not know if it's RM100 million, but even RM100 is a lot of money to some.


Simply move away the demonstrations to say, Putrajaya or something. That way, the march would not cause jams.

The sanctity of freedom of speech must not be bedded on a mattress of traffic jams. That's so fucking lame.

So, what do we need?

ALL demonstrations must be planned in advance.

You would need:

1. A permit from the local authorities.

2. Participation from the police force and reserve units

- Get them to spray coloured water or just ordinary water for a demonstration that coincides with the Thai festival of Songkhla.

- Some roads need to be blocked and the procession needs to be escorted.

3. Celebrities performing on mobile stages, behind trucks.

4. Food vendors to supply the hungry marchers and demonstrators as well as police and FRU officers with lunch and maybe tea.

5. Balloons, balloons, balloons.

6. A child deposit center. DO NOT take your children on these things as human shields.

This way, instead of losing RM100 million, we get to make RM100 million, every time there is a demonstration.

And don't get me wrong. I am an anarchist. In fact, the last one left in Malaysia.

To show how much of an anarchist I am, here's a large, red, anarchy symbol:

Wait till I put on my RM350 anarchist shoes, with my RM200 rebel jeans. And my RM100 rebel shirt.