Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Masturbation: Pop Psychology

To kill an ego involves killing yourself. Because the ego is part of you. Inseperable. Your twin. Not even evil twin, as that will make the ego stronger.

Remember, it feeds on being identified and re-identified as an 'other'. Distancing yourself from the ego will only make it bigger, stronger and closer.

The only way, to manage your own ego, is not to humiliate yourself, as in many Kabbalic teachings, and in Guy Ritchie's Revolver. That's just unnecessary.

The best way, the only way, is to be aware of the ego. Ego benefits from being unconscious. You sleep-walk through life, and therein the ego fills itself up in the space that is vacant.

Be aware. Of yourself and your surroundings. And be aware of the ego - the you that is not you - and its instructions and feelings and desires. That will reduce the ego to nothing, eventually.

Simply being aware of your unconscious state, will not make your life better. Because there is no 'better'. There is only is.

Being aware, will probably not get you that raise or promotion. It will not make your working conditions better. Better, again. It will not get you that dream vagina or dream dick.

It might not even make you happy, for true happiness is very elusive. Very few people have the capacity to attain that. Even people who claim to be happy - especially people who do - they're merely projecting the image of happiness.

Whether that is true or not, is ... well, irrelevant. They already have what they need. What they want. To SHOW that they are a certain way. If people are truly happy, do you really believe they will want anything? Need anything?

A person who is truly happy is hard to find, because they do not advertise their happiness. They would not feel a need to.

And being aware, has nothing to do with being happy.

Being aware is simply being aware. That's just it. It has no practical uses. Not really. It is worth nothing. Absolutely nothing. And therein lies its greatest value.