Saturday, August 1, 2009

IeSus el sAviooooouuuuurrrrrr

I sit in my apartment, watching the updates go up on the ISA rallies. One pro, one con.

I sit in my apartment, with my machete close by. Anyone wants to riot in Bangsar, will have to answer to me.

Rioter: RIOOOOTTT!!!

Me: Okay, answer me this: how many inches in a foot?

Rioter: Erh? My foot or your foot?

Me: Everyone's foot la.

But I doubt there will be a riot. Not a proper one. The anti-ISA rioters are mostly confused PIS-M people. Confused, cause they're alone in this rally, I heard.

Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang, Professor X (Karpal Singh), Gobind Singh Deo - where are they?

Me: Where are you, Scooby Doo?

Well, I guess they are merely utilising the foot soldiers on this. No need for any big heads to roll. Just the little ones.

However, it's not too late to join! Karpal, Lims and Koks and Deos ex Machina can all get into their Toyota Camrys and 4WDs and join in the fun! Call them up! They might not know it's today. Don't tell me they're resting in MACC's office right now?

On the other side, we have Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (PERKASA ) - painted by many as a Malay-supremacist group, supporting the ISA.

I don't know how many would turn up for that one. I mean, it's not fashionable to be pro-ISA. Liberal is fashionable, so all the Twilight and Jonas Brothers and K-Fed fans would support anti-ISA.

Only Rammstein and Trenchcoat Mafia fans would support pro-ISA nowadays.

As for myself?

Well, I heard that Uncle Najib is reviewing the ISA anyway. It has been an unpopular act. Fuck the act being unfair and open for misuse. It's unpopular. The only person I would trust in using them would be Dr Manhattan himself - Dr M.

I suggest that we do away with the ISA and start killing people instead. Regardless if the US - the last bastion of human rights and liberalist-machismo swaggering - still has the Patriot Act, even with Chocolate Jesus as the Prezodent.

Why? Because aside from the people who are still imprisoned under ISA, whom I think should be released immediately to their families and their lives, there are also convicted - or at the very least heavily-suspected - terrorists like Mas Selamat.

Because you can't open the gates and release everyone whom you deem to be innocent and keep those whom you think are bad. And who would be the judge, jury and gaoler for these people?

You abolish ISA, and you release them all. And then perhaps try to detain any 'real' criminals. With what? I'm sure there is a way and that these people have thought of it.

I mean, they went for a rally, man. They must have thought all the details through.

That's why we need the guidance and leadership of DAP's top Koks and Lims and Singhs and Deos ex Machinas.

Where is Nik Aziz when we need him?

Hey, Tok Guru! It's the PIS-M signal (the moon in the sky)! Let's go!

Islamic batteries to power! Turbans full speed!