Sunday, August 2, 2009

Demo Tape Parade

So I was going on and on today, telling people that the recent demonstrations have gotten quite old. Particularly, the ISA thing yesterday.

I mean:

1. Najib already said he was reviewing it and if he were to review ISA now, it would not be worth politically for him, I believe. Regardless if it is the right thing to do or not. People are going to simply assume that he caved in to pressure groups who would claim that as their scalp.

In order for you to get some people to do something, you need to make it worth it to them. Like, duh?

2. The demonstrations just killed business.

Transportation was dead. The roads were closed, jammed or abandoned altogether. Commerce stalled or stopped. Shops had to close.

This also decreased sympathy for the movement. Which is stupid.


I have a few suggestions instead to take advantage of these demonstrations. Somebody else came up with it, and I am merely regurgitating what I heard.

1. Tie any demonstration up with a parade.

Brilliant! Simply brilliant!

Every time there is a demonstration, have a fucking parade!

Lend the marchers some flags to wave with, and decorate the water cannon trucks as floats.

Get the tourists to come and see freedom of expression in process. It's not just in America. It's also here. As well as idiots (and I'm not saying from which side). We have those too.

Instead of crippling commerce, this would stimulate it. Have a few burger stalls and people selling nasi lemak and mineral water. And small towels.

Hell, why not a roller-coaster and ferris wheel? The Eye of Malaysia is just sitting there. Might as well use it, right?

Imagine all the marchers are followed by colourful tanks and rows and rows of police officers, decked in their best.

Let's make it a truly Malaysian shit thing.

Also, have a demo day-care. All children must be left elsewhere. I fucking hate it when these breeders know there are going to be water cannons and tear gas, and they STILL want to bring their kids along.

The only explanation I can come up with is human shield. Those little tykes are there to protect their parents from 'police brutality' and arrests.

Just one question - did it work? Leave children out of your politics, please.

And throw in a few free concerts here and there. It'd be fantastic. Trust me.