Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ta;es from the Drunk Side: La Resistance

People like to bitch and moan.

"I'm in pain!"

"There's nothing I could do!"

"I'm being victimised by X!"

I don't buy all that bullshit. I believe that we all have a choice. Perhaps, in the end, that's what it all boils down to. A choice.

Stop whining and take the bull by the balls, that's what I say.

My agendas are very simple. I want to allow people to take back their power. I want people to stop feeling helpless and sorry for themselves, and start doing shit.

Everyone blames the Government. Which is wise, cause we ARE the Government, foo!

If there's anyone to BLAME, it's you. You choose your own reps. You choose what to highlight, what to fight for. What to show, what not to show. How your environment works is entirely up to you.

So much power. So much potential. Wasted. Squandered.

The fuck did our forefathers fought for? Self-governance. Independence. That's what we have today. And all I see is a bunch of whining, instant-gratification-addicted soulless, racist bastards.

Our existence deforms the world. That's responsibility, man. And you can't escape it. All of us emit an energy field, which infleunces everyone else's energy fields. We ARE the masters of the universe. Our destiny is in our hands.

So much power.


Oh well.

Fear not. Let Uncle Amir set things up for you. I am perhaps the last bastion of self-actualisation. I'll find a way, even if it kills me. Not afraid of anything. What else can the world throw at me? Things I haven't lived through, in my head, a million times over.

I'm a chronic planner, which means that I run countless simulations inside my head countless times a day. Every day.

I have lived and died, inside my head, a billion, trillion times over. You can't scare me with any mumbo-jumbo. If life is an enigma, then I am the fucking Truth. And only fake motherfuckers would be afraid of The Truth.

I am the evil that lurks in the hearts of men. I am that reflection in a clear pool. I am the ancient spirit of evil.

I am the anarchist in a papier-mache mask. I am Ozymandias. I'm your worst nightmare. The one where you turn up in school, naked.

I am Satan.

I am La Resistance.