Monday, December 6, 2010

Through the Asshole

I love the voices of Morgan Freeman, Patrick Stewart and Billy West.

So I got Morgan Freeman's Through The Wormhole - a documentary series on the fringes of science.

The very first episode was about scientific efforts in discovering God. Of particular interest to me is this research done by this doctor dude.

He created a God Helmet - basically a motorcycle helmet connected to scanners and an electromagnet. What it does is it stimulates a small part of the right hemisphere of the brain.

80% of people who take the test reports of sensing presence, sometimes as many as five or more. They report out of body experiences as well as sensations of heat and fire.

That magnet is just as powerful as a hairdryer. This experiment, if proven valid, could explain many things.

Since many of the historical religious leaders were struck with stuff like lightning, pain, and isolation.