Saturday, December 11, 2010

House of M: New Media

The days when the information can be controlled are numbered. Some even say that it is already dead.

Any business model that relies on information control or old-style spin-doctoring will never again be as effective as it was.

In today's world, anyone can be a publisher. Anyone can get their thoughts out there.

Remember the blogs. A novel thing at one time, and people who were surprised and confused at its function tried to fit its role as a square peg in a round hole.

Blogs, forums, social media sites, are all just platforms. Pretty soon they melted away and became social media. Then they just became the Internet.

This happened with radio and newspapers in the past. Radio Vs TV. Then, they both became media. Mass media, mainstream media, whatever.

We are at the verge of alternative media joining the mainstream. Either it dominates or becomes just another territory in the media universe is irrelevant.

You must see all these things as what it was intended to be. Media. Plural for medium.

Meaning, a platform, a highway, a path, a method for conveying information. That's all it ever was and is and forever will be.

It is not magic. It is not something to be feared or ridiculed. It simply is.

The rules have changed, but the game remains the same. What do you do with it? How do you do it?

This is where media people come in.

The old business models may still work, but the new playing field also requires other things. Traditional skills - writing, communicating, politics, social manipulation, human engineering, battle strategy - all still applies, with additions of new ones.

Remember to always view things down to its empirical value or function. That is the only way you can do anything in this world. Never get lost in the trees so much that you miss the entire forest.

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