Sunday, December 5, 2010

Season of Mists

I abandoned my superhero dementia, my madness, my delusions. Pretty soon, I began to notice the evil people. The really evil people.

What I saw troubled me. So I consulted someone who could be a devil's advocate.

Me: All these evil people.

Friend: Yes?

Me: They get what they want, right? They get money. Power. All the pussy they can fuck.

Friend: Yes.

Me: And there is no such thing as karma. They don't get their comeuppance. That only happens in story logic, yes?

Friend: Yes. That is true.

Me: So they do get away with their evil.

Friend: What are you saying?

Me: Well, then what's stopping me from being truly evil? Why adhere to my warped moral code at all? Maybe I should just grab whatever I can and be done with it.

Friend: Won't you feel bad?

Me: Guilt? Guilt is used as a tool to control the weak. If I kill anyone today, I will feel no guilt. I can use a number of methods or techniques and the end result is no guilt. I no longer feel guilty of anything. I have surpassed it. It is merely a parlour trick, and its users hedge magicians.

Friend: I don't think you should do evil. I believe it is possible to attain whatever you want, without doing evil.

Me: Yes, but it would be easier.

Friend: No, it would not be. You may not feel guilt if you are evil, but evil people have no capacity for happiness. You know this. No matter what they achieve, the very act of evil renders everything hollow and meaningless. That is the self-fulfilling karma. Petty people are cursed with pettiness. Liars are cursed with their own lies, a denial of The Truth. Egotistical people in denial are burdened by their own egos and their own denial. Look at married people. Hahaha. There need not be any physical punishment.

Me: I can still be evil while not doing those things. I can be extremely damaging with just The Truth. And being evil while doing good - what a concept!

Friend: That's called politics.

Me: Hm.

Friend: So? What are you going to do?

Me: I don't know. It will come to me when the time is right.