Monday, December 20, 2010

Fuck You

I'm... feeling a wave of schadenfreude and general gloating coming on.

Some idiots had their comeuppance or getting theirs really soon, and I spent the entire night sleeping it off. Sleeping off an unhealthy, almost unholy desire to gloat and rub it in their faces.

I used meditation and practised some Buddhist teachings.

I understand that feeding my ego and pain body is counter-productive and would eventually lead to much suffering.

However, as I go for a nap, nothing can stop me from saying: UP YOURS, LOSERS! Muahahahaha!

It's about time!

IN YO FACE, MOTHERFUCKERS! I'm rubbin' it in.

Fuck you, your mother, your grandmother, and your uncle too. Fuck off and die! Muahahahaha!