Friday, December 10, 2010

Tales from the Drunk Side: The Last Wizard of the Century

I am one of the smartest men of the new century. Whereas Plato's and Einstein's fields were philosophy and physics, respectively, my talent lies in information flow and the nature of humans.

Born a sensitive, I was able to understand the empirical state of any and all human, going so far as putting my finger on the pulse of societies and civilisations.

My great science, is human science.

It pains my enormous ego that I cannot, at this moment, share with you my insights and what I have done in a parlour scene. Or even my basic understanding of the human race.

I understand. That is my gift, as well as my curse. All of you have no capacity to understand my insight. How everything is clear to me, and is made even clearer on every subsequent day.

I have stared into the eyes of humanity, and I felt despair. Felt. As in, past tense, motherfucker.

I understand humans, and I do not like you.

Why should I allow you to exist? Why should I sit by and not take advantage of my knowledge, my insight? Consequences be damned, right?

For a long time, I subscribed to the samurai ethos. The Code of Bushido. The Code Duello. The Book of Five Rings. The romantic tales of knight-errants and their charging at windmills for honour, truth and freedom.

What if one day I discovered that the Book of Five Rings, was a lie? What if I discovered the key to controlling my conscience? What if one day I looked into the mirror, and discovered Lucifer staring right back at me?

Am I to be Faust, and damned for my forbidden knowledge? Am I to be Galactuc, Devourer of Worlds? Am I to be the Dreaming Celestial, whose wake would destroy the world? Am I the Phantom Stranger, to come and go, changing cosmic and celestial events with my every step?


I am just me. And I am not sure whether you should be afraid or not.