Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Heart of the Cards: Last Warrior from Another Planet

Years ago, I made a wish. I wished that I would be a writer, and that I would be paid for my writing.

Me: I summon La-Jinn - The Spirit of the Lamp!

And I wrote, hard. I have written anything and everything I could conceive. Books, magazines, newspapers, animations, poetry, advertisements, movies, TV series, proposals and Press releases. Even software, search engines and artificial intelligence.

Me: Dark Magician Knight! Attack Berserk Dragon with Sword of Dark Magic Attack!

There is nothing that I have not written. Every single writing discipline has different requirements, and I have tried my hand at them all.

Sure, I made a wish, and doors were opened to me. But there was also hard work. I was hospitalised four times in my career. I coughed up blood and black phlegm from all the smoking. Every eight months, I had to go to the hospital for nebuliser treatments. This was before I learned the benefits of meditation. It has been 16 months, and I have yet to make a single trip to the hospital for nebuliser treatments.

My weight yo-yoed. I slept three hours a day almost every day for six-month long stretches. So much so, that when I finally slept for eight hours, I couldn't walk when I woke up.

Me: I activate Cyber-Stein's effect! By sacrificing 5000 life points, I can summon any fusion monster on to the field. I choose Last Warrior from Another Planet!

I will most probably die before I reach 40. But then again, only the good die young. I am not good. I am the best at what I do.

And what I do, is to write what I want to write at the moment. Nothing and no one can force me to write or do anything.

In these trying times, I can only rely on one person - myself. And I can only bank on two things - my wit and my will.

Let the others worry about magic and hocus-pocus. Let the rest be consumed with petty politics and dishonesty. Their jealousy and their pettiness.

When the dust finally settles, all I have with me are what I have worked and sacrificed for.

Me: I'll resurrect a monster's SOOOOUUULLLL from the graveyard! Monster Reborn!

Tonight, I was again offered to write whatever I want to write. The field is open as far as the eye can see. I appreciate the fact that while others dream it, just like me, I live it.

Thank you, whatever you are.

I end my turn.