Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Heart of the Cards

I am not a 17 year old on a bus back home after getting his SPM results.

I do not believe in destiny. Predestination is, to me, a concept for the lazy and the irresponsible.

The very thought that we do not control what happens to us is simply... escapist fantasy. We do determine each and every thing. More so than we think.

We control our actions, and that - in itself - is a huge responsibility, with far-reaching consequences both good and bad.

We also have the biggest influence on how we feel. Our emotions and our thoughts are all a result of our own decisions. We do not fully control our feelings or what we think, but we know enough of ourselves to determine what state of mind we will be in.

I say this, and there are things I am being irresponsible about. My smoking habit, for instance. It is costing me RM1,000 a month and perhaps much more in future medical bills. It is something that I need to handle.

The big relief is this thought in my head - this belief - that I control everything that happens to me. And no, I am not destined for anything, with a giant hand magically springing up from the sky and giving me gold and jewels and a magic sword as well as a VW Touareg.