Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sexual Encounters of the Third, Fourth and Fifth Kinds

It is in my best interest, as a virile, straight, vagina-fucking Malay man, to keep quiet about all this sexual freedom uproar and backlash that has again hit our media both old and new.

I mean, it's not MY problem, right? I'm straight. I would love to lick odour-less vaginas all day long and then fuck them silly. Harussani is not going to turn his gay-dar on me or anything.

I also risk offending a lot of people, including LGBTQs. And my voice - whatever that is left of it after last night's karaoke singing - is small. I am inconsequential.

But I'm sorry, man, I just can't keep my mouth shut. I just can't.

There has been some commotion over that dude Azwan Ismail, a Malay, Muslim man who came out of the closet rather publicly.

Amir Muhammad wrote an excellent article on how he believes that perhaps the backlash is not caused by Azwan's proclaimed homosexuality, but due to his being honest about it.

He wrote:

What he did was violate a code. Not the code of sexual conduct, but the code of faham-faham ajelah or kalau ya pun, janganlah buat terang-terang. An analogy: Walk down the stairwell of any office building during a Ramadhan afternoon; you will find at least one Malay man surreptitiously sneaking a smoke. Everyone 'knows' this happens but no one makes a big fuss because there was an attempt at concealment. What Azwan did was, to some people, the equivalent of having a nasi dagang lunch during the fasting month, live on national TV. What's shocking isn't the fact but the openness.

Well, he may have a point there, and the point may very well be true and strike at the hearts - orpossibly the bottom - of the whole 'crisis'.

I sympathise with Seksualiti Merdeka's plight. They simply want the ability to be gay and happy openly. Perhaps not to shove it down everyone's throats, but to be true to themselves. Now, doesn't that sound great?

Truth be told, the whole mutant thing in the Marvel comics is an analogy for racism, and gender issues as well as sexual discrimination.

What right do we have to persecute those who are different than us? Did God, Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Krishna or Xenu ever say something like:

"And take upon you arms, and kill those fucking faggots! I hate dem faggots, and I hate dem niggaz!"

I refuse to believe that any God described as Most Merciful and preach 'turning the other cheek (in a non-sexual context, of course)' as well as spread philosophies of love, peace and happiness would have a problem with homosexuality, or any kind of consensual sexuality.

This is common sense. And if God does not fit common sense, then that God is an imperfect God, and that is impossible.

It is usually our own imperfections that we bring to the fore, not God's. God has been abused for so long. Blah blah blah.

Anyway, going back to pragmatism. I believe that all this will either come to nothing or will score another win for the extremists. I hope that there will be no bloodshed or further denials of freedom.

I really do.

But sensing our penchant fro needless drama... well... good luck!