Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Am Spartacus

Someone said to me today, "You look like you have things on your mind, and things happening in your life."

I was like, "I always have things on my mind, and things happening in my life."

My existence may be many things, but it has never been boring for me.

Take today, for example. I am handling some stuff for the end of the year and the new year, a night assignment for which I had to be two hours early, and three or four stories that I need to do tonight.

So yeah, I do have things on my mind and things happening in my life. I've never stopped working these two years. I even took leave in order to do work. Even during Raya, I got people calling me and shit.

It is time these things change. I am going to take some time off, and I am going to say no to a lot of things. I will only choose things that make money for the least amount of work and most amount of satisfaction.

I will not be a slave or enslaved anymore. I am Spartacus!

This requires much work and preparation. And I am riding the bronco now. Ride the lightning, motherfucker. Ride the lightning.

And as idiots succumb to petty emotions and ego, I shall rise beyond all with my cards. I mean, with my whatever.

There is no way anyone can try to manipulate me in any manner now. I have discarded all that is unnecessary and focus only on what is vital to myself. All the information, experience and skill, I have honed and used in the best way I can think of.

2011. Ready or not. Here I cum. ON YO FACE!