Saturday, December 18, 2010

This Drill, is My Soul

I use Dark Hole! Now every monster is destroyed.

I use my magic card Harpie Feather Duster. All your spell and trap cards are destroyed!

I use my field magic card Fusion Gate!

Now, I combine two monsters - Zombyra the Dark and Maryukotai - to form Last Warrior from Another Planet! Now, you can't summon any monsters.

I activate this trap card - Light of Intervention. Now, you can't set any monsters in face down position. Meaning, you can't summon any monsters or set them down.

I use the equip magic cards United We Stand and Mage Power as well as Axe of Despair to raise my monster's attack points to 6150!

Finally, I play the magic card Cold Wave, making both players unable to set any more magic or trap cards for two turns.

With the field empty, I attack your life points directly!

Last Warrior from Another Planet! Attack him and wipe out all his life points!

I have won the duel!