Monday, October 11, 2010

Mixed Tape: Supreme Master Race

Some people consider their race as the 'master race'.

Well, fuck them, cause my race is the SUPREME MASTER RACE!

That's right. I'm mixed. Chinese, Bugis, Pattani. Chibuttani, Pachigis or Butachi. I usually go by Chi-Lay. The point is, we people of mixed heritage are superior in intellect, creativity and physical health than the purebloods.

In fact, we're so better than everyone else that we should wear armbands with an emblem on it and kill Jews for no reason.

Think about it.

People of mixed parentage are non-racists, compared to purebloods. We also have dominant genes from many different genetic lines, making us higher on the evolutionary ladder.

Mankind strives to be us, in the end. How can we be Vorlorns, without interracial fucking?

The lesser purebloods always try to seek us out, attracted to our superior amalgamated culture, good looks and technology.

And our numbers are growing. Latent, dormant mixed genes sometimes trigger at the onset of puberty. I am setting up a school for mixed children. And setting up a terrorist group to protect the interests of mixed people. Aviator jackets and a blackbird, perhaps.

I also move for purebloods to be experimented on, as we need to weed out the dirty, undesireable recessive genes.

Despite all this, all of you are prohibited from saying the greeting 'Hail Amir'! You may refer to me as, "My liege."

As in, "Yes, my liege." "Of course, my liege.", "Sure thing, my liege." and "Fuck me harder, my liege."