Monday, October 11, 2010

Identity Crisis: Wannabes

A friend of mine told me that all Malays want to be Chinese. I find this to be erroneous.

Here's the breakdown:

Most poor, kampung Malays (like me) want to be Arabs.

Most middle-class Malays want to be British or American. Even Russian will do, as long as they're white.

Most rich Malays want to be seen as kampung Malays.

Most Malay hookers want to be Chinese, that is true, but that is only evident in that most could speak a Chinese dialect, maybe to expand their business as Chinese people have lots of money while Malays have no money at all.

Some Malaysian Indians want to be African-American or white people. Some Chinese want to be Japanese, which would have been funnier and more ironic 50 years ago.

DOn't believe me? Take a look around.

I used to throw my hands in the air, in exasperation. Nowadays, I put my hands in the air like I just don't care.

I know exactly who and what I am. A Cajun.