Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Destruction is one of The Endless - a collection of beings older than gods, and some are older than time itself.

Destruction is the sibling who abdicated his throne. WIthout him in his realm, destruction - change - still happens.

In 'A Treatise on Optics', Destruction lamented the Age of Reason, when humans started glorifying science and discarding their warlike behaviour. It was simply a lull, he said, before certain unchangeable routes are taken. He was talking about either Copernicus or Galileo who postulated that light has a speed.

And that one philosopher was talking about the relation between mass and energy.

E=mc2. The theory that made possible the atomic bomb, and nuclear energy.

Destruction predicted - no, he KNEW - that the nuclear age was coming, and that mankind will find a way for their eventual ultimate destruction.

He left, wanting no further part in destroying the world. And yet, without him, things continue to be destroyed. Things continue to change. Therefore, who is destroying everything? Who is the force behind change?

I have labelled myself as Lord of Destruction, not because I am crazy and suffer from delusions that I am the anthropomorphic personification of the thing, but because I sympathise with Destruction the most, these days.

I still belong to Dream, but my sympathies are with his brother, the burdened Destruction. Haunted by his conscience, Destruction left, and in doing so, fulfilled the ultimate act of his personification - he destroyed the structure of The Endless.

May God have mercy on man and machine.