Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another 30 Minutes Above Broadway

I allow myself half an hour before preparing to go somewhere. Thursdays are my off days from The Malay Mail and I use it to do something every week.

Something for the greater good.

Anyway, yesterday was interesting. I went to two events and spent six hours with some people. I hope that was enough.

Beyond that, I'm pretty cool with things.

I still hate idiots. However, after unleashing Lucifer Morningstar - the last of my incarnations which I have kept subdued for years - I am learning to enjoy watching them stumble and grumble through existence with their limited capacity for understanding things.

I sometimes do not understand why some fear me. I mean, I'm not one of those insecure backstabbers. I'm not petty like you, and in order for me to make some people look stupid, I merely have to exist. I'm a slasher. I will damage you from the front.

The secret is simple. Listen. Open your ears and listen. There are loads of information people put out. Read and listen. Knowledge is power.

After a while, you end up near-clairvoyant to some people, because you have all the info. Extrapolating and making use of the information takes some time. I'm also learning still, but even at my limited capacity, I'm fucking amazing.

Knowledge alone is not enough, though. Lots of people hate hard work. I am slightly fortunate - or cursed - to have grown up in a household where hard work is not commended - it is expected.

I went home from school one day, and told my parents I got number one in school. You know what they said? "You could have done better."

That happened every year in primary school and looking back, yes, I could have done better. I was competing against children of drug addicts and illiterates who did not have what I had - access to books.

Oh well. Time to prep up and go out.