Monday, October 4, 2010

Amir Hafizi, the Half-Blooded Prince

I, am a half-breed. A mutt. A mongrel. And proud of it.

I am a Chinese-Malay. Which makes me a Chi-Lay. If I make babies with a Bai woman, our children would be Ma-Chi-Bai.

Being a half-and-half, I always get to be an outsider. Well, I used to, until the dominant Malay genes kicked in.

I used to have straight hair, when I was small. My eyes used to be hazel. Now they're dark-brown. I have facial hair.

I can understand some Cantonese, as well as Mandarin and a smattering of Hokkien. Could never speak it, but I could always infer the meanings of shit. I hid this until recently, so I could always detect people saying racist things about me. Hahaha.

Now, I just couldn't care less. Being of mixed parentage, in one of those families that seem to collect ethnicities like some people collect STDs, I know one thing about racism: whoever you hate, ends up in your family, according to Chris Rock.

You hate gays? You will end up with a gay son. You hate Malays? Your daughter will come back with an Ahmad Mesingan.

I used to hate white people, cause no one hates white people. Except for black people, and I could find none in Kuantan.

Then, some of my relatives got with white people. And they're nice folk.

Now, I hate Koreans, in the hopes that one day I get to have sex with one and get some Korean in my family.