Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tales from the Drunk Side: Desire Lives in the Heart

When I was younger, I was working on a concept. If it were to manifest in A4 papers hanging from the ceilings, it would be, "There is no hunger. There is no food. There is no desire."

See, desire, is a dangerous thing. It's like alcohol. It may be fun for some people to imbibe on it. Or even overdose on it. Sometimes. But like Wong Kei Yin, father of Wong Fei Hung said, in the movie Drunken Master 2 starring Jackie Chan, "Water that floats a ship can also sink it."

He was talking about alcohol, but it also refers to desire.

Most of the problems in my life were caused by my own desire. Poisonous, the seed of ruin. Meanwhile, things done without desire, come out better than expected. Don't mistake goals for desire.

To me, goals are merely targets, without emotion. Without feeling. When emotion is involved, then it becomes desire. When you project your self-worth on something and failure to achieve it means a failure of self. Success, means a bloated self. A bloated ego.

How many times can you count on jumping, without falling? A hundred times? A thousand? Ten thousand? A million?

Given a long enough timeline, everyone will fail. Everyone will fall. Everyone will die.

So there is no worry. There is no hunger. There is only what is inf ront of you right now, which in my case is Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden.

See you in, say, 23 hours.