Saturday, May 22, 2010

Redundancy Check

So I invited my friend to look at my computer, which was behaving weirdly. His prognosis, at the beginning, was that it was running too hot.

So he opened it, cleaned it up, and now it wouldn't start. At all.

He thought it was a power supply problem, but it wasn't. Actually, 4 capacitors on the motherboard blew up.

The problem is, I have a scene breakdown I need to polish and send tomorrow afternoon. For the past 10 hours, though, we have been unable to get into BIOS, let alone Windows. It's that bad.

Anyway, I convinced him to go to Kajang and bring back a CPU as well as a hard disk bracket. Or housing. Whatever you call that thing.

He got here, and I managed to get my hard disk to be accessed by his CPU. Only to find out that my documents are protected and unless I make it a master boot disk, it won't give me the script I kept in a secure folder.

It was my bad that I didn't email myself a copy.

So now, I plugged my hard disk back into my old CPU and is trying to turn the damn system back on. I have no basis, no logic for thinking this could, in any way, work.

It is all up to faith. I am waiting for the CPU to charge up what is left of the capacitors and see if it will give me one last, fateful ride.

This would not have happened if I were a rich man.