Monday, May 17, 2010

Super Robot Wars Alpha and Alpha Gaiden

I have been playing these two games for years now. Started from beginning till end for about what, 11? 20 times? I can't remember.

I have played it backwards and forwards and know it like the back of my hand. No secret I haven't uncovered. AND STILL! It manages to surprise me now and then.

For example, a robot that cannot be hit, the SRX (Super Robot X-Type) after I have done upgrading it, was hit. And it exploded. By a lesser boss.

Apparently, there is a way to get the Nu Gundam HWS early on. There is a way to get the Full-Armour ZZGundam (it's pronounced Double Zeta Gundam), etc, etc.

And then, I also discovered the meaning of certain high-level kanji and their effects. The game is entirely in Japanese, so the superpowers of certain pilots are marked by certain kanji - Japanese ideograms. One is Miracle, which casts Motivate three times(raises ki-ryoku by 30), Spirit (triple damage), Speed-Up, 100% Hit and Flash (100% evade). A combo worth 220 SP points, for only 100SP.

There is Raid, with similar effect, and other things.

I got a call about my next few movie projects. Guy had nice words to say about my story. It will go ahead, I presume. And I do hope there's money in this.

Man, I love my life.