Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let the Freedom Bell Ring!

Free at last! Free at last!

Man, this PC is good. I have polished everything up till the final climactic battle scene of a treatment/breakdown. This movie will work better when I get the dialogues and screen-play elements in.

That battle scene, I will leave for tomorrow, when I am fresh.

For now, sleep awaits.

Before that, I need to tinker around with the video card driver.

Meanwhile, a world away, two guys sold a script to Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney for US$3.5 million.

Here's the story: Click here, idiot!

Everyone in Hollywood has a screenplay. Theirs is another world. Where 30 second advertising spots on TV can cost around US$1 million or more. And according to Sex in a Submarine, the recent Lost finale sold the ad spots for US$900,000. With 45 minutes of ads, that's a whopping US$81 million.

Nowhere near Avatar's over US$2 billion gross, but hey, do YOU have US$81 billion?

Which brings us to perspective. I mean, there are things to fight for, and I would probably commit murder for US$81 million and sell my ass and throw in a couple of murders for US$2 billion, ask yourself this: is anything you do worth it?

I mean, really, now. All that drama? For? What?