Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Captain's Log

Today was a great day.

I managed to kill Rebi Torah with just three shots. One when she attacked my SRX (Super Robot X-Type, the second most powerful robot in the game) and SRX countered. Then, I had to plan it out.

See, she would run away if I were to attack using Heaven and Earth Sword or something using the SRX. Cause she runs at like, 50% HP or thereabouts and the attack can only get her down to 10%.

I just needed damage her another 10%. There was no robot in range, so I took Quatro Vagina, who is actually Char Aznable (why he would call himself vagina is beyond me), in a Sazabi, and used the Move Again magic. So he travelled practically 16 spaces and was just in range to deliver a medium-strength attack, to weaken Rebi.

Then, I took SRX, used the Spirit magic (triple damage) and attacked using the ultimate attack thing. And she's dead.

Oh, she'll come back, cause she's the final boss. I played this game almost 20 times from beginning to end already (I know it's more than 15, less than 20).

This time, I am trying to upgrade all my important Gundams. Cause my Super Robots are just plain super already. The Real Robots - now that's a challenge.

I now have the Nu-Gundam HWS (Heavy Weapons System) and am looking for the FA ZZ Gundam (That's Full Armour Double Zeta Gundam to you).

Once I have those, man. My team would be invincible.

Right now, the All-Star team would comprise of:

1. Ryou-Ko-Oh
2. SRX
3. Majinkaizer
4. Shin Getta Robo 1
5. Combattler V
6. Voltes V
7. Raideen
8. Boss Borot (energy replenishment)
9. Diana A (healing robot)
10. Nu-Gundam HWS
11. ZGundam
12. FA ZZGundam
13. V2 Assault Buster Gundam
14. Eva 01
15. Eva 02
16. Methus (Healing)
17. VF Valkyrie 1J (Max Jinias)
18. Gunbuster (Goalkeeper cause it's the third most powerful robot in the game)



a. Daitarn 3/Titan 3
b. Great Majinga
c. Sazabi (Quattro Vagina) or FA Hyaku Shiki Kai
d. VF Valkyrie 1J (Miriya Jinias)
e. Super Gundam (Christina Mackenzie + Bernard something-something)
f. Dancougar (final attack is 6300, beast ability causing damage to be X 1.5 or X2 naturally, and almost all four pilots can use the Motivate magic.)

Okay. Going to sleep now.