Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Malaysian Nuclear Power Plants: A Dream Come True

SOme people want to stop nuclear power plants from being built in Malaysia.

I say, go for it! Other than synthesizing the Uran Spark or solving cold fusion, nuclear power is our best bet.

Sure, they want pros and cons. SO here are the pros and cons:


1. WIth Malaysia being Malaysia, a nuclear leak will happen. SOme stupid candlelit vigil with some lipstick liberals will rupture the lead walls with their sheer stupidity. That, or some beureaucrazy will ensure a leak happen in time. This will create superheroes. I want to be the first in line to be turned into a costumed adventurer. You've read the stories, saw the movies. This is my last chance to have superpowers.

2. We can finally use nuclear power to fuel up electric cars. Fuck the oil companies! Fight fire with nuclear, baby! Yeah! I once sent a proposal for Malaysia to adopt renewable, green energy like hydrogen, wind (turbines inside giant baloons 1,000km above sea-level), solar, as well as that wave thing. It was rejected, or something. The guy I spoke to was an idiot. He tried to explain Google to me, when I already constructed my own search engine when I was in college. I didn't think Malaysia will ever let anything jeapordise Petronas, until this nuclear thing.

3. And finally, a lot of idiots will die. A lot of smart people, hut idiots will die too. Yay!


1. Urm... errr... nothing.

I'm all for nuclear power. Hooray!