Monday, May 24, 2010

Devil in the Gateway

So I got the motherboard, right. A new one, from nice people, and I refused an offer to install the damned thing, preferring to do it myself.

It would have been faster, if not for the fact that some wires are not compatible. The CPU fan power thingy has three holes, while the CPU fan plug thing has four needle jacks.

This means that either:

1. I need a new CPU fan.


2. I need some small parts (that I do not have) that need to be spliced together with some tools (which I also do not have).

So now, I have to send it to the people who gave me the motherboard, first thing tomorrow morning. Along with the processor, and RAM, which I have already installed, with the hard drive, graphic card and the big-ass casing.

Without a PC, I feel incomplete, as I have extended my ego to encapsulate my computer as well.

Oh well. There are other things to extend my ego to.

I shall play games now.