Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nimble Momonga

If I am any card in the game Yu-Gi-Oh, I believe I am Jinzo or its original Japanese name: Android Psycho Shocker.

Jinzo neutralizes all traps on the field. However, my favourite card has always been Nimble Momonga.

You see, when you kill Nimble Momonga in battle, the player who owns Nimble Momonga gets an additional 1,000 HP and its death also summons two more Nimble Momongas and places them on the field.

My dream deck would center around Jinzo, though. Here's my deck construction:

1. Jinzo
2. Nimble Momonga X 3
3. Giant Germ X 3
4. Dark Necromancer
5. Slate Warrior X 3
6. Penguin Warrior
7. Sinister Serpent
8. Summoned Skull
9. Island Tortoise X 2
10. Monster Reborn
11. Change of Heart
12. Dark Hole
13. Raigeki
14. Torrential Tribute
15. Magic Cylinder

And a few other loose cards here and there.