Saturday, May 22, 2010

Arcadia of My Youth

This PC was very good to me. It was cobbled together from parts of six different PCs.

It was my Millenium Falcon. The Arcadia of my youth. With it, I supervised 3700 hours of TV programming.

I wrote seven (+three) scripts currently in various stages of completion.

I finished my novel on it, and wrote hundreds of articles for newspapers, magazines and websites.

It was robust, rugged, and I treated it like a 40-year-old whore.

This was the only PC I used which has never, ever, given me a blue screen. NEVER.

When it gets temperamental, it just shuts down. I give it a few minutes, and turn it back on again.

In the end, I guess it was time for it to die. The motherboard - its soul - blew a few capacitors, perhaps due to my habit of turning the power off just like that. Or maybe the Power Supply Unit (PSU) was just erratic to begin with.

I always get pissed whenever my PC dies. It means I can't do what I am used to doing. Like smoking and listening to stupid '80s songs while I write.

I have a netbook, but I only use that for emergencies. Like for my day job.

Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, I can use my Blackberry. Without the PC, though, I will not do any creative projects. Na-ah. Not a single fucking one.

I guess I'll just have to wait till payday to get my new motherboard. An MSI K9N or something that can take:

1. An AMD dual-core processor


3. SATA hard disk.

There are better systems out there, but I don't want them. I want to salvage as much hardware as I can from the old system.

Just need a motherboard, a new DVD-ROM, a liquid-cooling system, and possibly a 2TB hard disk.

Fuck, man. I want to travel to the n-th dimensions of ideaspace, but 4 capacitors blew up and I'm stuck in a smelly room with too much smoke.

I miss my porn. I mean, PC.