Saturday, May 8, 2010

House of M: Previously, on Amir Hafizi

You know, people ask me all the time.

"Have you realised that we are right, you are wrong and have you decided to agree with our way of thinking?"

And I would go, "Huh?"

Cause, I don't keep track. Too old for that game. Right and wrong are not absolutes. Is killing someone wrong? What if you're an executioner? A soldier? Jack Ketch? Self-defense?

Over a millenimum and a half ago, marrying nine-year-old kids was all right, in some cultures. Try and do it now.

Way I see it, life is a great democracy. People choose their own truths, and from that mosaic of votes - black and white pixels - a picture will appear. What it depicts depends on the individual.

So when people try to impose their bullshit on me, as I sometimes do on them, I just don't give a shit.

I am only one man. My vote is one pixel. On whatever part of the graph, forming a picture. I do not hold the keys to the truth of the universe.

Whether I think something is right or wrong does not make it so. Whatever you think as right or wrong, does not make it so either. Therefore, people who go for the moral high ground are just building an imaginary foundation. Is there a need for foundation?

Is there a need for resistance?

I have not learned enough to be perfect, and I continue to make mistakes. SMall ones, big ones. Only the foolish believes he or she knows everything. For that delusion inhibits growth.

It is hard to fill a cup that is already full. - Neytiri's Mom, Avatar.

My own mother, knows emotion. She could see emotion as well as any doctor can identify body parts during a surgery. She is the ultimate tempestuous knot of feelings as my father is the objective, machine-like intellect.

Me? I go for information. My thing is information flow. It's like the human circulatory system.

That being said, it would be foolish to close one's self to other things as well.

When people ask me why I do so many things at once, I tell them that I do not. I do one thing at a time.

30 years. It's been 30 years. I have no wisdom for you. All I learned can be summed up in perhaps two things:

1. There is no center of the universe. And if there is one, you are not it.

2. Be happy. Happiness is a decision, not a condition.

A lot of people delude themselves that pain and suffering means entitlement. We live in a society where in some parts, to some people, being in pain means that you are better than everyone else. When other people do not recognise that, do not sympathise, they feel neglected and wronged, creating even more pain.

The ultimate pain is death. If you crave pain so much, why don't you die?

Been there, done that. I am not impressed with pain. I kicked my addiction to pain years ago. In search of enlightenement, I prowled the back streets of Bangkok and the open paths of Phuket.

I found my answer. What's yours?