Monday, May 3, 2010

Death and Rebirth

All you fuckers watch out now. I got my life, my love back.

I have successfully revived a game I have been playing for the past 11 years. Or something like that.

It is the resurrection of Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden. It's better than sex.

Basically, you control hundreds of robots from dozens of mecha anime shows from the 70s to the 21st Century, on a chess-board-like setup.

Every character who pilots the robots have different skills and 'magic' which they can use by spending limited SP points.

Each robot is different in characteristics, weapons, etc.

So this makes it a role-playing strategy game.

Everything is in Japanese, so some knowledge of the language is a pre-requisite. That, or if you can read Chinese, you can pretty much figure out things for yourself.

Using this game, I have improved my kanji by threefold. I know and recognise the kanjis for blood, concentrate, custom, etc. 'Hirameki' means flash. Blablabla.

I also got my friend to look at my PC. Seems nothing is wrong, save for the power supply. Much, much preferrable to buying a new PC.