Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Truth

The Truth is what Spider Jerusalem believes in.

The greatest of all journalists, and he's a fictional character. In a comic book.

Jerusalem is a journalist paranoid, which means he is a paranoid first, with journalistic attributes.

He was fired from The Word and eventually worked for The Hole, which is primarily a porn site with news as a sideline.

Jerusalem brought down two presidents - The Beast and The Smiler. He hates liars.

Funny, because the greatest journalist is a comics character. But true, since he exists only as an idea. Fits Platonic ideals.

Me? Well, some journalists say that since I write entertainment, I'm not a real journalist. I'm 'just' a writer.

Some believe since I didn't go through pain, I am not worthy.

Funny. I don't remember them being hospitalised four times for stress-related illnesses. Don't talk to me about pain. I don't go to my seniors and rub their faces in my snatch, telling them about pain.

Pain, is ultimately stupid. It is something to be avoided or tolerated, not worn like some fucking badge of honour.

Suck my dick. I am not impressed by pain. I'm impressed by courage, not cowardice. Hiding behind pain or any other excuse is cowardly.

Great people, they just smile and get on with it. Cause at the end of the day, everyone dies. And I haven't got all day.