Sunday, October 10, 2010

Previously, on Amir Hafizi

Around 11 years ago, when I was 19, I wrote the outline of three epic stories which can only be done as high quality animation.

I have been saving those files in my hard drive, and sometimes I did not know why. I like the ideas, and if I had RM26 million, I would have done them myself.

Today, my hoarding of old ideas paid off, as some people expressed interest in them. It could be another wild goose chase, I dunno, but I am more than willing to waste a few hours at least in exploring possibilities.

The fact that my old ideas could be worth something tickles me. And I am constantly humbled by the fact that sometimes, even the smallest acts of kindness can open doors of opportunities.

I must remind myself that even though I am no longer a superhero, I must stay true to my code of ethics - never do evil stuff to those who have never done any evil to me, and always go in with the best of intentions and the best of effort.

Buddha chop!