Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How to Make Money

You know, if I had half the skills of some people, I would make lots and lots of money.

If I could draw, I'd be rich. I'd be doing shit for various things and I'd make tons of money. The comics world is global and art has no boundaries, geographical or spiritual.

If I could take pictures professionally, I'd do company profiles. One company profile job is RM20,000 or more.

If I could speak to people, I'd be a trainer. Some trainers charge RM10,000 per head. Per head. I can do modules, man, but I hate talking to people. I've been to these trainings, and I have observed the tricks of the trade. I hate wearing suits, or I'd train.

If I could do music, or play an instrument, I'd be rich.

Cause see, the problem is not in Malaysians lacking any talent. It's all about whether you want to do it. Yeah, I acknowledge all your potentials, but before you have sat down, went through shit and have enough balls to dare to do things, you are nothing.

Whatever little talent I am given, whatever little opportunity I see, I grabbed. People can say many things. They can say my work sucks. They can say whatever. End of the day, I am satisfied with the fact that while others cower in their meek little minds, shrouded in ego, I dared to go forth and show my balls to some hookers. Err, I mean, I dared to show my balls to the world, figuratively.

You can try to kick my balls, but you have to jump up and swing hard just to hit me in the knees.

Suck my dick, all of you - and some of you did. Hahahahaha!