Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Winter is Coming

I woke up to piss, and wound up reading Fareed Zakaria's wonderfully-written article on Brazil's economy.

I've been reading Fareed Zakaria more and more these days, for a better perspective on things. He's a great writer, and writes great articles. I can't say much about a lot of writers these days.

But fuck that. Fareed Zakaria's and others' writings have kept me up at night, these days. And I'm not an economist, a stupid evil racist politician, a businessman or even a finance journalist.

I do entertainment. You know, fluff. Stuff that don't matter.

What I have seen, is worrying. I believe that the more people watch movies, the worse the economy is going to do. Movies are the entertainment for the masses, who are mostly poor.

The pretentious rich fucks go ride horses or thousand-dollar prostitutes. They go and drink expensive booze. Buy expensive cars. Fuck in their expensive cars. Masturbate to their state-of-the-art whatever, at whatever club.

They have no business going down to our levels and catch a movie, or for Francis Yeoh to walk around in BSC, with no entourage to listen to his spiel about God and morality and how his shit sings hosannas.

And how is the movie industry? Good ol' for-the-masses movie industry? KL Gangster scored over RM12 million recently, but that was not an isolated success story. For the past few years, a few movies have made RM7 million plus and several others made more than RM8 million.

Good for the industry, but a bad indicator for the economy, I believe. When people seek to entertain themselves - perhaps cheaply, then maybe they are going for escapism. To escape from what? The stock market? Reality?

I also read two other pieces by Fareed Zakaria recently. One, concerning the dangers of the US defaulting on its debts. Yes, the great and powerful US, is grappling with its future. They face perhaps the same fate as Japan, where house loans take GENERATIONS to settle.

That's like, I buy a house in Kuantan, and my great-grandchildren - if I have any - will pay the final mortgage payment after he/she has retired.

If the stupid, evil, racist Republicans refuse to play ball with Obama, then the US will have to default. If they do, interest for the US on some of their complicated (to me) loans will rise by 1 to 2 percent. This will cost them tens of billions of dollars a year.

If the great and powerful US economy collapes, then we have effectively lost our foundation of the world economy. It would be time for everyone to stop playing football, because we can't pretend the ball does not have a hole in it anymore. And the American kid who owns the ball need to - I dunno - sell his sister to the Chinese dude to fuck. In order to agree on another ball. The Japanese dude is next in line.

Or, the kids could just all fight for it.

Ah, fuck these analogies. I don't know, man. I'm no fucking economist. Not a business journalist to translate what bullshit is spewing forth from rich people nowadays.

All I know is that in their greed, rich people got us into this problem, and if anything happens, they should pay for it. In blood.

If our economy topples, we should be going to these rich people who have allowed greed to consume them and raped our money, and we should scalp them. I mean, LITERALLY, take a sharp object, and peel their head's skin from their skull.

It is all these bloody fucking rich people's faults and we should demand their blood, if anything happens. We should not be so foolish as to fight amongst ourselves, but direct our anger to the bloody rich who have bled us dry all these centuries.

No mercy. No regrets. No bullshit. Just kill them all.

I'm no economics guy, and all I can really say is, I feel it in my bones. Winter is coming.